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On 25 Years Since the End of Communism in Slovakia

I’ve been away a lot recently. AWAY away: not in Slovakia (in Cuba in fact; hence the lack of recent posts). Coming back to Slovakia in December, as Christmas kicks into action across the country in the form of the … Continue reading

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Slovensko 2:0 – Slovakia Through the Eyes of Its Film Directors

To celebrate 20 years of their nation’s independent existence in 2013, ten Slovak film makers were asked to explore this question: “How to explain the notion of Slovakia to visitors from another planet?” And Slovensko 2:0 is the result: ten … Continue reading

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The Dictionary of the Slovak Government: Definition of “Discussed”

It happened last June 19, just 25km outside Košice, where at the time I was wandering the Old Town streets, thinking just how well Europe’s Capital of Culture had spruced itself up for the year-long programme of cultural festivals and … Continue reading

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Jeden Svet (One World)

The Jeden Svet international documentary film festival kicked off last night  in my favourite Bratislava cinema, Kino Lumière, and I went along to the opening, which was presented by famous Slovak writer Michal Hvorecký. However, as it was already full … Continue reading

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