Prievidza Area

Neatly defined as the Horna Nitra, or Upper Nitra Valley, this area can be bracketted pretty much as the upper reaches of the River Nitra and its watershed, which kicks off near Klačno right on the border of our Places to Go/Mala Fatra/Vel’ka Fatra chapter and wends down through Bojnice and Prievidza before bending away after Partizánske into our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The South-Eastern Part sub-chapter at Topol’čany (the river does flow onto Nitra, hence the name, and then to Nové Zamky, before joining up with the River Váh and then the Danube).

For the most part, this is a part of Slovakia much forgotten about: steep hills frame it on two sides and offer stunning diversions, but it’s off the beaten path of classic hiking areas. But there is one huge exception: the fairy-tale chateau at Bojnice, Slovakia’s (understandably) most-visited castle. The pretty village of Bojnice is more or less joined to the biggest regional town, Prievidza, and the area is known for its mining (out in them hills).

So north from Prievidza and you strike our Mala Fatra/Vel’ka Fatra chapter, going southeast you very soon enter our Places to Go/Central/South Slovakia chapter at Žiar nád Hronom and spreading north-west/west, you’ll stay in the Prievidza Area until:

a) You reach Valáska Belá way up in the hills on route 574, where there’s a cut-through to Čičmany in the Mala Fatra/Vel’ka Fatra chapter (beyond here you head into Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part (Trenčín Area)

b) You reach Bánovce nád Brebravou on highway E572 (beyond here you’re also back in the very same Trenčin Area.)

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