Western Slovakia

Hotel Thermia Palace, Spa Island, Piešt'any ©englishmaninslovakia.com

Hotel Thermia Palace, Spa Island, Piešt’any ©englishmaninslovakia.com

It’s often bypassed as a place to stay in favour of more dramatically-situated accommodation further east but for simple, gentle vineyard-carpeted loveliness the west wins through – and the very fact many tourists travel straight through without stopping means that actually, in relatively close proximity to Bratislava, you can have some wonderfully esoteric off-the-beaten-track experiences by bedding down in the west and immersing yourself in its many offerings. In the valleys, the best accommodation is in the wine town of Modra, the spa town of Piešt’any and the castle town of Trenčin – although there’s a few remoter options up in the hills which can feel every bit as isolated as Malá Fatra/Vel’ky Fatra or the High Tatras.   

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