Low Tatras & Liptov Valley

Nizke Tatry sunset ©englishmaninslovakia.com

Nizke Tatry sunset ©englishmaninslovakia.com

The Low Tatras are the crown jewels of this chapter: a startling verdant ridge forming part of Slovakia’s central massif with fabulous ridge-top hiking and skiing. Better yet: unlike the High Tatras, which get a lot of promotion from the Slovak Tourist Board, these peaks are almost unvisited by outsiders (well, except for the Czechs). And don’t think that these mountains are low just because of the name. True, the high point of Dumbier (2043m) is 700-odd meters shy of the loftiest High Tatras summit, but here you’ll be exploring right on the ridge tops: plonking you higher, on average, than you normally get in the High Tatras without special cable car-related assistance. Crown jewels of this chapter? Let’s call these mountains Slovakia’s crown jewels! 

Down below the peaks to the north, the Liptov Valley is the main access point for the Low Tatras – the wide, gentle green valley which separates these mountains from the High Tatras to the north and east. The big towns here are Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš (northern access) or Brezno (southern access). 

GETTING IN HERE… Two main ways of approach from Bratislava… from Žilina in our Places to Go/Mala Fatra/Vel’ka Fatra chapter (the main D1/E50 highway continues east from here to Ružomberok) or from Banska Bystrica in our Places to Go/Central/South Slovakia chapter (Highway 66 (yeehah Route 66) cuts east to Brezno, at which point you are already in this very chapter.

GETTING OUT OF HERE… We figure you’re likely to be continuing your Slovakia odyssey from the northern side, which means you’ll either be heading west (into Places to Go/Mala Fatra/Vel’ka Fatra) or east (into our High Tatras chapter). From the southern side, you’ll be delving into Places to Go/Central/South Slovakia. Continuing east from Brezno on Highway 66 will usher you into our Places to Go/Slovak Paradise chapter (so small you can’t see it yet).

ALSO IN THIS REGION… For the best info on hiking and other attractions, browse this very Places to Go/Low Tatras & Liptov Valley chapter. For the best info on where to stay, check our Places to Stay/Low Tatras & Liptov Valley chapter and (you’ve got the idea by now) for some ideas on where to eat and drink, check our Places to Eat/Drink/Tatras chapter (currently shared with the High Tatras too). Please read on!

And of course, to see the region’s location within Slovakia, have a look at our Regions of Slovakia map…

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