High Tatras

Starting from Poprad, check out one of Europe's most beautiful mountain ranges... ©englishmaninslovakia.com

This page is still alive and kicking but no longer being updated: please go to the new Englishman in Slovakia site for the latest High Tatras information!!

This is the big carrot Slovakia promoters dangle in front of the noses of prospective visitors – and quite rightly. There’s a bunch of peaks here over 2000m high in what is – get this – Europe’s smallest Alpine mountain range. (Smallest in geographical extent, I should say, not stature).

There’s superb hiking – including the country’s most famous hike, the Tatranská Magistrala – and good skiing here (although most people dig the Low Tatras, aka Jasná, for the best skiing). But generally, these mountains are about wildernesses – brown bears, off-the-beaten-path paths and cosy mountain houses in the middle of nowhere. And outside of a few key tourist hubs, you can easily find solitude…

The main access point is the mountain transport hub and supply centre of Poprad, which has plenty of pleasant aspects itself, as you will see… 

This is, no boast, one of the most comprehensive collections of English-language information on the Slovak High Tatras you’ll find anywhere on the web…

GETTING IN HERE… You’ll likely approach this region by flying into Poprad Airport or, if coming overland, from our Places To Go/Low Tatras & the Liptov Valley chapter (directly to the west) or from our Places to Go/Košice & the East chapter if coming from the east.

GETTING OUT OF HERE… Continuing east, after Poprad you’ll soon hit our Places To Go/Košice & The East chapter OR if heading south-east, our as-yet-nebular Slovak Paradise chapter. 

ALSO IN THIS REGION… For the best info on getting there and away, hiking, and beauty spots, browse this very Places to Go/High Tatras chapter. For the best info on where to stay, check our Places to Stay/High Tatras chapter and (you’ve got the idea by now) for some ideas on where to eat and drink, check our Places to Eat/Drink/Tatras chapter. Please read on!


High Tatras Adventure Trips

And of course, to see the region’s location within Slovakia, have a look at our Regions of Slovakia map…

3 Responses to High Tatras

  1. gill whitelegg says:

    Loved your site – am going to Kosice on Weds this week for 4 days, and wondered how easy it is to get to the Tokaj vineyards. I notice you take the train then walk – how long does it take to walk, and is there an alternative to this? Could you name a few restaurants in Kosice you’d recommend?

    • lwaterson says:

      Hey Gill – well, taxi from Kosice but that’ll be fairly expensive. I don’t know the area very well but the problem if you don’t have your own car is direct transport connections. The way I suggest by train and walking is my personal choice because there is more flexibility of times. (but the walk, admittedly, is an hour or so, and whilst I liked it (it’s pretty) it’s not exactly a tourist friendly walk because there’s some walking along the road involved from Slovenske Nove Mesto for the first km. So your other possibility, besides taxi, is bus. Weekday mornings there’s a 7:10am direct or a 7:50 changing in Trebisov with a 1.5 hr in-between wait. More convenient, a 10am Kosice departure changing in Trebisov getting in at 12:23 (but the wait in Trebisov is only about 30 min). Heading back there’s a 17:09 with a change in Trebisov or a 19:30 direct bus. Check more on the Getting Around link on the right sidebar of the blog, which takes you through to transport schedules with other connections. Restaurants? Scheduled for my blog are my have http://www.republikavychodu.sk Hlavna 108 and Le Colonial (more high-end). But the main square has so much choice – you might be best wandering around to see. Oh, and Caffe Trieste for coffee!

      • lwaterson says:

        Gill – it’s also important to reserve the appointment at the winery in advance. What group size will you have? You might also be able to go as part of a tour organised in Kosice Tourist Information – they have a very good and helpful office and would at least call the winery in advance on your behalf. I would advise this approach. I would love to hear about your experiences as a first-timer in the area, and whether there are any important updates I should notify readers about. Good luck and enjoy Slovakia!!

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