The South-Eastern Part

The path to Oponicky Hrad ©

The path to Oponicky Hrad ©

The castle complex at Nitra is easily the equal of Trenčin’s. There. I’ve said it. Nitra is a sizeable and sophisticated city, with some exceptional viewpoints, good places to eat and drink – and a fair degree of culture which only Bratislava, Košice, Žilina and possibly Banská Štiavnica can equal or surpass. It’s a prime access route, too, for its nearby, relatively unknown sections of Malé Karpaty/Small Carpathians mountains (dotted with some stunning remote ruined castles, it should be added), and, just east, the ancient mining towns and very lovely mountains of our Places To Go/Central/Southern Slovakia chapter.

GETTING IN HERE… The way almost everyone arrives in this region is on the main E571 road which branches off the E75 at Trnava in our Places To Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter (Trnava Area). You’ll know you’ve arrived just after you’ve passed the large reservoir at Kral’ova (on which you’ll notice we have a post).

GETTING OUT OF HERE… Primarily into the afore-mentioned Places to Go/Central/Southern Slovakia chapter (on the main E58 road once you’ve passed Zlaté Moravce; on the national highway 51 once you’ve passed Vrablé, heading east) OR into the also-afore-mentioned Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter (Prievidza Area) – on the national highway 64 after you pass Topolčany, heading northeast).

Also take a look at our Regions of Slovakia Map to picture it all…

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