The North-Western Part

The delightful River Vah near Trencin  ©

The delightful River Váh near Trenčin ©

Medieval surprises, inaccessible castles, hikes to great restaurants and Western Slovakia’s wildest, most-mysterious, forest-clad hills… my girlfriend’s family have a mountain house here so expect a fair degree of insider knowledge!!

From Malacky, heading clockwise along the north-west border of Slovakia, you enter the neatly-named pancake-flat region of Zahorie (which translates as “behind the mountains” – the mountains of course being the Male Karpaty). Zahorie factors in this particular region’s region’s capital, the pretty town of Skalica & all the surrounding lowlands. Heading east from here, up rises that arm of the Small Carpathians known as the Biele Karpaty – this trundles along the border through the town of Myjava right along the Czech border to Púchov and Považska Bystrica. Just below the Biele Karpaty is this region’s most-famed attraction Trenčin (this area is rich enough in attractions to have its own separate sub-chapter), 

In our Zahorie sub-chapter the geography denotes what we call the north-west: if it’s on the lower ground west and north of the hills it’s included right here, and by default in Zahorie. Along Slovakia’s last stand before the Czech frontier, the Biele Karpaty, we call anything in those frontier-hugging hills or next to them part of the Biely Karpaty sub-chapter. Trenčin, whilst also right next to the Biele Karpaty, is an important enough medieval town to get its own sub-chapter. 

GETTING IN HERE… The distinctive gateways to this region are, on the E65 road north from Bratislava, the White Eurovalley Golf Resort (straight into the Zahorie sub-chapter) and, far more spectacularly, on the main west-east E75 road from Western Slovakia/The MiddleBeckov Castle (straight into the Trenčin Area sub-chapter). 

GETTING OUT OF HERE… Continuing your journey through Slovakia? Beyond Púchov the main road east to Malá Fatra National Park then hits the official divide between Trenčin and Žilina regions just outside Považska Bystrica at otherwise-innocuous Plevnik-Drienové, so this marks the divide on this blog between Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part and our Malá Fatra/Vel’ka Fatra chapter. Beyond Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part in any other direction and you’re in either Austria or the Czech Republic.

Have a look at our Regions of Slovakia map to picture it all…

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