Bratislava & Around

Bratislava… ©

Bratislava… ©

Once you’re done with the cobbled streets, 18th-century burghers houses and enticing cafes of the historic heart (aka The Old Town), you don’t have to go far at all outside the capital for some really interesting days out: wild forests, imposing ancient castles, great art galleries, small largely-forgotten but beautiful towns and villages… In fact it’s fair to say that many of Bratislava’s best sights actually lie outside the city centre: so make sure you check out our the other parts of our Bratislava chapter too:

Nové Mesto and Ružinov

Just North

Just West and…

Just South

ALSO IN THIS REGION… Don’t forget – as an accompaniment to your Bratislava sight-seeing – our Bratislava Places to Stay and Bratislava Places to Eat/Drink chapters! 


Bratislava – A Birdwatching Haven

Canoeing Down the Morava and Danube into Bratislava

Bratislava & Around: A Weekend Break Guide

Have a look at our Greater Bratislava map to picture it all…

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