Low Tatras & Liptov Valley

Chata M.R.Štefánika ©englishmaninslovakia.com

Chata M.R.Štefánika ©englishmaninslovakia.com

It’s not just the High Tatras with a tempting series of mountain houses – the Low Tatras boasts plenty too and actually, these are often still remoter and less-known about. Whilst in High Tatras mountain houses often need to be booked in advance, here you’ll almost always be given a bed or have “room made” for you – although accommodations are usually of the dormitory kind. Still, you’re sleeping on a mountain ridge at 1700m+!

Sleeping up on the Low Tatras mountain peaks is undeniably the highlight of a stay in this region, but down in the verdant Liptov Valley (north) there are also some good options – which will mostly be used when you’re en route travelling up to the peaks. 

ALSO IN THIS REGION… For the best info on where to sleep, browse this very Places to Stay/Low Tatras & Liptov Valley chapter. But don’t forget to check the best things to do in the Tatras in our Places to Go/Low Tatras & Liptov Valley chapter and for some ideas on where to eat and drink, check our Places to Eat/Drink/Tatras chapter (which incorporates Low AND High Tatras because in all honesty we don’t have enough entries to warrant separate sections). Please read on!

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