The OTHER Christmas Markets in Bratislava

The Bratislava Christmas market that spills between the two central Old Town squares of  Hlavné Námestie and Hviezdoslavovo Námestie and is on until the 23rd of this month is by no means the city’s only festive market, we would like to point out. There’s a few other  obligatory stops on the seasonal shopping route.

1: Stará Tržnica’s Urban Market

On the 13th and the 14th of December (this Saturday and Sunday) the Urban Market returns to the revamped (and beautiful) old marketplace of Stará Tržnica. This only happens three times a year and it offers a more modern take on the main Christmas market with clothes, handicrafts, a ream of innovative food stands upstairs and live music on the afternoons and early evenings on both days.

Map Link:

2: Stará Radnica

Inside the old town hall there is a more folksy take on Slovak handicrafts than you might find in the fun but more touristy Christmas market outside. Open pretty much the same hours as the main market.

Map Link: 

3: Christmas Market in Petržalka

A bit more gritty and local.

Map link:

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