Itinerary Planner

Visiting Slovakia? Want help planning an itinerary for your visit? Slovakia’s beauty is there for the taking – but there’s relatively little information available online in English, and little English spoken in many of the areas that are most beautiful to see. It’s tough to know where to go, how to get there and whether you’ll enjoy the experience.  SO: Englishmaninslovakia now offers help with every aspect of planning your trip – courtesy of our itinerary planner.


Tailor-made itineraries for your trip to Slovakia: we take away the stress, leaving you to focus on enjoying yourself!  

  • Planned itineraries based on your requirements – for a day, a week or longer
  • Printed information provided on your special interests – be it history, wildlife or food and drink.
  • Focus on the sights beyond the clichés & tourist traps.
  • The best tours for different destinations arranged on request.
  • Best accommodation booked on your behalf – be it historic hotel or remote mountain house.
  • Best restaurants booked/suggested for your lunch and dinner – plus introductions to the best coffee/brunch stops wherever you are.
  • Best suggestions for the activities you want to do on your holiday, whether that’s active sports, shopping or wine tasting – saving you the bother of trawling through the mediocre possibilities and getting you straight to the good stuff.

We’ll take care of sorting out as much as you want us to sort out – and for as many days as desired. Tell us your requirements; we’ll help tailor-make your trip – giving you the insider perspective on Slovakia and the quality in-English information that will help ensure your stay is a truly memorable one.  Contact Us for more details…

The High Tatras as Seen From Poprad

The High Tatras as Seen From Poprad

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