The White Mouse

The White Mouse, © englishmaninslovakia

The White Mouse, © englishmaninslovakia

I’m British. But when I need a pick-me-up it’s not a cup of tea that does it for me (unfortunate; Slovakia has just about every type of tea you could ever hope to drink). It’s not an ale either (although Slovakia is getting an increasing number of UK real ales in these days). It’s a good bottle of single malt whisky.

Enter the White Mouse. It’s Bratislava’s nicest whisky shop.

Most importantly of all, it’s whisky presented with panache: the owner is incredibly knowledgable (I’ve vetted him) and knows what he’s talking about when he recommends you a bottle. His selection is comprehensive where Scottish whiskies are concerned (particularly intriguing bottlings of the Islay whiskies, including several from new Islay distillery Kilchoman), and he has Japanese whiskey and North American bourbons too. He’s even started carrying the little-known Slovak whiskey Nestville Park recently (when I found out about this I vowed to plan a visit to the distillery so stay tuned – I’ll post the results of the experience this October).

English is spoken in the White Mouse: it’s a tourist-friendly place. And there are regular tastings put on too: just turn up at the shop to enquire.

That’s it. Import costs do make many of their whiskies 5-15 Euros more expensive than their equivalents in the UK. But when you’re on the other side of Europe and you fancy a take-home single malt, it’s worth it. And that Slovak whisky? Soft, sweet, bourbon-esque. As I end up saying a lot in Slovakia: Na zdravie.


LOCATION: Klariska 6

OPENING: 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday

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