The Middle



It’s this “middle bit” of western Slovakia where we often find ourselves kicking back at weekends.Why? It’s conveniently close to Bratislava and has some of the loveliest, gentlest, least heralded countryside in the country (forested hills, hidden castles). And big bonuses like one of the country’s best spas, and the hub of its white wine production!

To make things nice and easy here, we’ve created this special Map which shows the eight main areas of this part of Western Slovakia. Englishmaninslovakia is number one on the web for in-English content on this part of the country, and content here appears regularly. To this end, our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter has now sub-divided for the fourth time into these eight areas, namely:

1:Modra/Pezinok Area

2:Kuchyňa Area

3:Trnava Area

4:Smolenice Area

5:Brezová Pod Bradlom Area

6:Piešt’any Area

7:Čachtice Area

8: Prievidza Area

GETTING IN HERE… You’ll arrive in Western Slovakia/The Middle from one of four places. (invariably by car, bus or train). Most likely? From our Places to Go/Bratislava & Around chapter (pass Svätý Júr in the Places to Go/Bratislava & Around/Just North sub-chapter and you are here).

GETTING OUT OF HERE… Continuing across Slovakia? Next up could easily be our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part sub-chapter (the likely way being heading north passed Nové Mesto nad Váhom – once you reach Beckov Castle you’re already there!). Again, you might want to afterwards explore our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The South-Eastern Part sub-chapter, which you’ll approach most likely from this sub-chapter’s Trnava Area (pass Kral’ova reservoir on the main road between Trnava and Nitra and you’re here). Then there is the route to our Places to Go/Malá Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra chapter (ascend from this sub-chapter’s Prievidza Area up to Salaš Kľak and you’ve arrived). It’s also technically possible to approach our Places to Go/Central/South Slovakia chapter from here but we doubt that will be the case for you, to be honest. All of these can of course be entry points to Western Slovakia/The Middle if you flew into Košice or Poprad.

You can also take a peek at our Regions of Slovakia map (different from the specially annotated Western Slovakia/The Middle map above) to picture it all… 

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