The Biele Karpaty

This is our nascent but soon-to-be-extended sub-chapter on that delightful ridge of mountains along the border with the Czech Republic that rise up east of Skalica out of our Zahorie sub-chapter and head (generally northeast) all the way along through Myjava to Púchov and Považska Bystrica: in other words, the Biele Karpaty (White Carpathians). They’re an extension of the Carpathians mountains just like the Malé Karpaty/Small Carpathians are. What’s good about them? Well, hiking that’s way wilder than in the Malé Karpaty, less visited than Mala Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra and far leafier and gentler than the starker peaks of the High Tatras. Just south of the Biele Karpaty is the the delightful castle town of Trenčin, the main tourist stop-off hereabouts and therefore our third and final sub-chapter (which we’ve fittingly dubbed Trenčin area) in the entire Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The North-western Part

As a reminder: further east from Považska Bystrica you are entering our Places to Go/Mala Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra chapter. South of the Trenčin area, meanwhile, and you’ll find yourself in our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter.

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