Košice & the East

The Cathedral roof, (after a giddying lurch out over a hole in the "protective" mesh to take this) ©englishmaninslovakia.com

Kosice Cathedral roof (after a giddying lurch out over a hole in the “protective” mesh to take this) ©englishmaninslovakia.com

No visit to Slovakia, of course, is complete without a trip out to the country’s second city, Košice, and afterwards the countryside around it. Whether it’s Slovakia’s world-renowned caves (in Národný Park Slovenský kras – Slovak Karst National Park), the rolling vineyards of the golden Tokaj wine or the rafting and monasteries of a reserve like Poloniny National Park, this is a region where time stands still, pretty much, and Slvakia’s ancient folk culture comes to the fore – whilst gorgeous medieval towns like Bardejov and Levoča offer plenty of architectural eye candy. It’s not all ideal (this area is also where most of the country’s Roma population live – many in dire poverty) but it is Slovakia’s most culturally fascinating region, with another minority group, the Rusyns (who have their own dialect and traditions), adding further colour. 

GETTING IN HERE… You’ll likely approach this region by flying into Košice Airport or, if travelling overland, from our Places To Go/High Tatras chapter.

GETTING OUT OF HERE… Much the reverse of what you did to get in (back through our Places to Go/High Tatras chapter). Further east is the Ukraine (we plan to feature, under our Getting Around/Trains chapter, more info about the journey from Slovakia to the Ukraine once we’ve tested the route out ourselves, but in any case, this is as far east as this site goes! 

ALSO IN THIS REGION… Stick around in this chapter for what to do in Košice and East Slovakia but don’t forget to check our Places to Stay/Košice & the East chapter for cool places to stay hereabouts and certainly don’t miss out on this region’s culinary offerings which we detail in our Places to Eat/Drink/Košice & the East chapter!

Have a look at our Regions of Slovakia map to picture the region cartographically…

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