Bratislava… to the Middle East

Watch this space. As part of an increasing expansion into Eastern Europe, low-cost Dubai airline Fly Dubai is opening a Bratislava to Dubai flight route as of December 2014. Starting on Saturday, 6th December – and operating Saturdays and Tuesdays for current prices of 410 Euros return in economy or around 1300 Euros return in business class – this is an airline we could easily be hearing more about in terms of its Slovakia connections in the future. Current schedules are:

Departs Bratislava: Saturdays and Tuesdays, 13:35

Departs Dubai: Saturdays and Tuesdays, 09:40

To celebrate the new route, will be putting together a special series of posts on Middle-Eastern Slovakia. Teahouses, shisha cafes… that kind of thing… links to appear right here!

Go East… to Medicka Záhrada’s Tea Tent !

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