Regions of Slovakia

Regions of Slovakia on

Regions of Slovakia on

Pointers: This shows Slovakia’s regions as per Englishmaninslovakia posts. The dividing lines are of course approximate. I’ve put this here to give you a better idea of the regions as they divide along touristic lines.

Western Slovakia is now divided by blue lines into middle, north-western part and south-eastern part: reflecting the three sections I’ve now divided Western Slovakia’s “Places to Go” into.

Central/South Slovakia are primarily divided into their own category because, well, they don’t fit in with anywhere else. Southern Slovakia’s western edge is marked thus to reflect this region’s cultural boundary as much as anything: it’s generally perceived as the place where the agriculture is based and where the Hungarian minorities hang out.

Mala Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra are grouped together in one region. The divide is approximately at the town of Martin,with Mala Fatra to the north and Vel’ká Fatra south. Some towns towns inconveniently fall right on the dividing line between this and other areas. So for the purposes of this blog Ružomberok (and its surrounds) is in this section.

The Orava Valleys region is marked separately as it’s not part of the mountainous national parks on either side (Mala Fatra to the west and the High Tatras to the east).

The Low Tatras, or Nízke Tatry, are separated from the High Tatras, or Vel’ky Tatry, by the Liptov Valley, with the official divide approximately the line of the Váh river. Many Liptov Valley towns, like Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš inconveniently fall right on the dividing line – yes, they veritably straddle it. So, for the purposes of this blog, we’ve created two separate sections: the High Tatras and the Low Tatras & the Liptov Valley (i.e., including Ružomberok or any of the numerous places with “Liptov” in the name) – as the High Tatras gets enough attention all by itself.

The Slovak Paradise, or Slovenský Raj, is marked as a separate region because of its superb walking but for the purposes of this blog also includes Muránska Planina National Park. Well, it’s not like even Englishmaninslovakia is going to have enough posts on Muránska Planina National Park to give it its own category.

Košice & the East is another vast section which focuses on Slovakia’s exciting second city and its surrounding landscapes – but will eventually subdivide (yes, when it does we’ll mark it on this map), because there’s so much out here: it’s just not so easily accessible!

Fool-proof user tip: If a post is tagged, for example, as Western Slovakia, this means it will fall into the region marked “Western Slovakia” on this very map.

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