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Kiosk Festival in Žilina's Stanica

Kiosk Festival in Žilina’s Stanica

The wild all-night partying days of Englishmaninslovakia are, for the most part, behind him. For dance-til-dawn clubs you’ll probably want to look elsewhere; however I’ve made this a separate section for everything on:


  • Bratislava shopping from the quirky castle-hugging craft shops and galleries to the city centre boutiques, shopping etiquette, what not to do in a Slovak supermarket (believe me I’ve done it) PLUS weird and wondrous stores across Slovakia.


  • Catching an ice hockey match (Slovakia’s biggest sporting passion) and other spectator sport stuff (Slovakia’s football matches for example) or leisure stuff (like where to play golf or tennis, go canoeing or go wildlife-watching).


  • Cinemas (if they’re cool and non-chain)
  • Theatres & other cultural fixes (you’ll find an overlap with events here but this’ll be more for general, non-event-specific, year-round cultural offerings)
  • Live music and where to catch it
  • Dancing (yeah, well, sometimes I’ll go out, get wasted, hit some club in Slovakia and write about it here, just for you…)

At risk of stating the obvious, most of these options will be in either Bratislava or Košice (as the “big” cities!) so this section isn’t divided regionally (for now). Instead, if the place we’re raving about is outside Bratislava, it will be stated in the title of the post.

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