Zahorie ©

Zahorie ©

The Small Carpathians rear up north of Bratislava, then just as suddenly descend again into a gentle, flat, but fascinating landscape known as Zahorie (meaning literally “behind the mountains”). This is a region of leafy river meanders, flat sandy forests akin to the UK’s New Forest and flourishes of incredible architecture such as at Skalica.

From out of our Places to Go/Bratislava & Around/Just North sub-chapter, Zahorie stretches from Malacky via Vel’ke Leváre and Kúty right up to the Czech border near the main tourist destination hereabouts, Skalica. East of Skalica, the hilly ground kicks off again, rising up into the Biele Karpaty which forms another division of our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Northwestern Part sub-chapter. If the bottom side of this roughly triangular-shaped region is the Small Carpathians and the left-hand edge is the Austrian border just west of the Malacky-Vel’ke Leváre-Kúty road then the right-hand side extends from Skalica down through the flat lands to Senica. 

The other way you might approach this region (good if you like contrasts) is through those Small Carpathians/Malé Karpaty in our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter: via the roads over the top over (respectively) Pezinska Baba and Zochava Chata.

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