Trenčin Area


The colourful castle town of Trenčin ©

If you want to get out of Bratislava and lose yourself in a beguiling medieval town for a bit, Trenčin, with its stupendous castle standing guardian over it, is the obvious choice: with good transport connections to the capital. On a fat bend of the Váh river, with several good museums and some wonderfully atmospheric places to eat and drink around the long, cobbled main square of Mierové Námestie, Trenčin is certainly a centre of the serendipitous: hereabouts are no fewer than two of Western Slovakia’s landmark fortresses, the most significant remnants of Roman occupation in Slovakia, one of the nation’s longest river islands and one of its loveliest spa towns,  Trenčianske Teplice and undoubtedly Slovakia’s (if not Central Europe’s) biggest music festival, Pohoda – held each year in July. No wonder it’s the main destination in Western Slovakia outside of Bratislava (and on this site getting expanded upon imminently)!

Anything along or around the Váh between Beckov Castle and Dubnica nad Váhom is included here. Continue north/northeast from this region right into our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part/Biele Karpaty sub-chapter or south-west to enter our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter. Heading east/south-east from here? Stay in this area for anything southeast along to Dolne Ozorovce on the E572 highway, all of the route 516 through Trenčianske Teplice to Trenčin’s east, and anything on route 574 up to Valaská Belá (further on these routes and you enter our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle/Prievidza Area).  


Hotel Elizabeth, Trenčin

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