Places to Stay

Chata Pri Zelenom Plese, Zelene Pleso ©

Chata Pri Zelenom Plese, Zelene Pleso ©

Boutique hotels, or indeed any hotels which prove to be something other than bland and homogenous, quirky traveller hostels, atmospheric mountain penzións, swanky medieval townhouses or burghers houses, remote wilderness huts and idyllic campsites… this is my own personal, unbiassed take on INTERESTING accommodation options in Slovakia.

This’ll be a little different from the booking websites we all know you could go to. I’ll have chatted with the owners, or hung out with them, or drunk copious amounts of slivovitz with them, or stayed with them – and given my honest in-depth opinion of their accommodation. Expect full reviews with CHARACTER, with PICS and, of course with DIRECT LINKS TO BOOKING the accommodation at the bottom of the review (where possible).

For the best options, scroll down the drop-down menu for each Slovak region and the corresponding places to stay. You can also browse the different accommodation possibilities (from sedate penzións to remote mountain houses) under our categories section. For more niche interests, use the search function. Or go here for a full guide on how to use this site.

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