Modra/Pezinok Area

View from the top of the Hotel Majolica ©

View from the top of the Hotel Majolica ©

That UB40 song comes to mind: Red, red wine – goes to my head – makes me forget that I – still need her so. Etcetera. Cloaked by vineyards, this region is dependent on wine, no, it veritably BREATHES wine. Modra has one of Slovakia’s most famous reds named after it and is riddled with charismatic wine cellars (and, outside town, a few great hikes up through the afore-mentioned vineyards). Pezinok can boast a few wine cellars too: but above all it has the very cool Malokarpatské Wine Museum and an autumn wine festival championing wine reared in this, the hub of the Small Carpathians Wine region. Limbach is another very cool little winemaking community just outside Pezinok. Up on the other side of those vineyards, though, is that section of the Small Carpathians (Malé Karpaty) closest to Bratislava: the most famous landmark in our Modra/Pezinok Area sub-chapter is the mighty castle of Červený Kameň above Časta.  Worthy of note, too, are the two big ski/hiking centres in the hills here: Zochava Chata right above Modra and Pezinská Baba above Pezinok.

After Limbach (heading southwest) you move back into our Bratislava & Around/Just North sub-chapter. Continue north through Časta to enter our Western Slovakia/The Middle/Smolenice Area sub-chapter or head east (perhaps on the cut-through road from Modra to Budmerice) to enter our Western Slovakia/The Middle/Trnava Area sub-chapter


Modra’s Hotel of Ceramics

Gulaš Karma: Furmanská Krčma

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