Slovakia’s Air Connections: A Pretty Much Comprehensive List

Bratislava Airport, by Matissek

Bratislava Airport – your connection to (some) European cities – by Matissek

I tried. I really tried to think of a more interesting title for this post. But hey – knowing how to get yourself connected by air to Slovakia is a useful thing, particularly if you’ve never heard of the place (NB: spend a bit more time on this blog if so).

There are three airports worth knowing about in Slovakia – three within the country, that is. They are complemented by the useful addition of Vienna airport (with what you might call proper international connections), less than an hour away from Bratislava airport and with good public transport links thereto.

But within Slovakia, Bratislava, Poprad and Košice are the airports worth knowing about for those flying in from other lands.


Bratislava’s M. R. Štefánik airport is hardly large (smaller than London Luton) but has flights to a few destinations within Europe. Within Slovakia, there are flights from Bratislava to Košice twice daily (Czech Airlines). For more adventurous destinations than the below, there is also Travel Service Airlines Slovakia which offers regular and charter flights, often on a seasonal basis, to a number of destinations (via Prague) including Germany (Dusseldorf and Frankfurt) Greece (lots of key holiday destinations such as Thessoloniki, Santorini, Rhodes and the like)  Israel (Tel Aviv), Romania (Bucharest), Tunisia (Monastir’s Habib Bourguiba airport) and  UAE (Dubai). You can book through SmartWings.

As for the regulars from Bratislava:


Brussels Charleroi (three weekly, Ryanair)

Czech Republic…

Prague (daily, Czech Airlines)


Paris Beauvais (twice weekly, Ryanair)


Dublin (daily Monday to Friday, Ryanair)


Alghero (three times weekly April to October and twice weekly November to March, Ryanair)

Milan Bergamo (four times weekly, Ryanair)

Rome Ciampino (four times weekly, Ryanair

Trapani, Sicily (twice weekly during 2014, Ryanair)


Oslo (twice weekly, Norwegian)


Moscow Vnukovo (Utair)


Barcelona’s Girona-Costa Brava airport (twice weekly, Ryanair)

Madrid T1 (three flights weekly April-September, Ryanair)

Malaga (twice weekly, Ryanair)

Mallorca Palma (twice weekly Apr-Sep and Saturdays Oct-Mar, Ryanair)


Birmingham (twice weekly, Ryanair)

Edinburgh (twice weekly April to October, Ryanair)

Liverpool (three times weekly, Ryanair)

London Stansted (twice daily, Ryanair)

London Luton (five times weekly, Ryanair)

Poprad Tatry

For a long time, this airport existed but had no regular flights. The big news now is that there is a thrice-weekly flight to London Luton with Wizz Air (from late October 2014)


Košice’s airport has twice-daily flights to Austria (Vienna) and Czech Republic (Prague) and daily flights to the UK  (London Luton). There are also twice-weekly flights to Italy (Milan Bergamo) and UK (Sheffield-Doncaster Robin Hood). See our post on Košice’s Flight Connections for a more thorough run-down.

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