Slovaks are pretty fit on the whole: exercise and sport are big things here (something to do with that amazing scenery, maybe), and people LOVE to do it in the proper gear. So voila: our sports section – or rather our section for sports and activities that need specialist gear. You will not find anything on hiking, therefore, in this section – you can visit our comprehensive Hiking chapter in the Places to Go section. And as for Skiing here, there are better sites.

APART FROM THAT,  read on! As ever, we champion here the lesser-known sports and activities: any of these you don’t see a special feature on when you hover over that little  right-hand arrow on the Sports drop-down menu should – if it’s worth doing – be right below these words on this page. 



No one needs special routes to run on, of course, in a city like Bratislava where nature so closely surrounds you. Nevertheless, starting from Kamzik at the edge of Bratislava’s Mestské Lesy, a great network of running routes (some very uP and DOwn) fan out, with signs telling you how many kilometres you’ve come and how many more there are to go on any specific route. There’s even exercise apparatus en route! MAP

You can also go running along the south bank of the Danube from Most SNP: you’re quickly out of the city in riverside greenery. This is not a dedicated running track, however: it’s much more popular with roller-bladers and cyclists.


Mountain Biking

Just north of Ždiar in the Belianské Tatry one of the ski slopes converts in summer into Bike Park Bachledova. The chair lift becomes the bike lift and up you go, ready to zoom back down again… MAP

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