Just West

Sandberg ©englishmaninslovakia.com

Sandberg ©englishmaninslovakia.com

West of Bratislava, you trace the Danube upriver to the Austrian border at Devín Castle, 10km west and dramatically poised at the Danube’s confluence with he Morava. Almost as soon as you leave the city behind, the Danube forms Slovakia’s western frontier with Austria. On one side is pancake-flat Austria; on the other the last hurrah of the Male Karpaty hills, Devínska Kobyla. This forested upland is a popular hiking destination, containing the rather singular Sandberg, whilst Devín Castle lies at its feet. Remember that in days gone by this was the frontier between Western and Eastern Europe: and a pretty dramatic one at that. 

But we’re not quite done with the Just West sub-chapter yet. The Bratilsava public transport system continues a little further into the flat farmland of Austria, up as far as the pretty town of Hainburg-an-Donau (Hainburg on the Danube). The Slovaks have pretty much taken over this town. Many come here to do their shopping and many more choose to live here to take advantage of Austria’s superior health and education systems. So we include any part of far-eastern Austria up to Hainburg-an-Donau (including the stately castle of Schloshof) right here too. 

 And for your information… 

Any further west than what’s included here, of course, and you should be looking at a blog about Austria. The Just West sub-chapter continues (provided it’s west of the main E65 road to the Czech Republic) up north to around the Štupava area – further north and you’re into Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part/Zahorie.


Going Over the Border to Get Good Stuff

The Štefanikova Magistrala

The Štefanikova Magistrala Stage One: Hrad Devín to Kamzík

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