Malá Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra

Above Jánošíkove Diery  ©

Above Jánošíkove Diery ©

Home of the Slovak Robin Hood, Juraj Jánošik: a region full of surprises waiting to be sprung upon you – namely green mountains, steep wooded valleys and the great hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities which go hand in hand. But there’s a couple of intriguing cities here too: Žilina, with its rumbling undercurrent of Bohemian arts, and Martin, best known for great museums – not to mention some of Slovakia’s smartest spas in Rajecke Teplice and Turčianske Teplice.    

GETTING IN HERE… On Englishmaninslovakia, for clarification’s sake, the most-likely way you’ll be entering this region is from our  Places To Go/Western Slovakia/The North-Western Part sub-chapter, at the village of Plevnik-Drienové.

GETTING OUT OF HERE… Heading south via Rajecke Teplice on Highway 64, you’ll stay in this region only a short time until somewhere up in the Vel’ká Fatra mountains you’ll hit a high near the mountain lodging of  Salaš Kľak then descend towards Klačno, Nitranske Plavno and Prievidza, all of which are in Places To Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle.  If you’re heading south on Highway 65 you’ll stay in this section for longer, until reaching Kremnické Bané just above Kremnica in our Places To Go/Central/South Slovakia chapter.

Continuing east? You’ll stay in the Malá Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra area until you hit Dol’ny Kubin on route E70 (in our as-yet nebular Places to Go/Orava Valleys chapter) or, on route E50, Ružomberok, at which point you’re poised between our Places To Go/High Tatras and Places to Go/Low Tatras chapters (the latter to receive a much-needed boost when we go hiking there this spring).

ALSO IN THIS REGION… This chapter is where to focus your attentions for the scoop on where to go in Malá Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra but don’t forget to check out the best places to stay hereabouts in our Places to Stay/Malá Fatra/Vel’ká Fatra chapter.

Have a look at our Regions of Slovakia map to picture it all too…

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