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Bratislava’s Best Pivovar

This blog does not usually seize on the obvious (recommending places people are more likely to know about anyway) but there is a way to subvert every trend (for example, writing about somewhere people are more likely know about because … Continue reading

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Buying Hiking Maps & Apps

There it is: one of the classic billboard shots for Slovakia’s hiking: the strange twisting path through the wooded chasms of Slovenský Raj, or the Slovak Paradise. Chances are that if you come to this country, want to see the … Continue reading

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Stanica: Žilina’s Cool Station Arts Centre

Englishmaninslovakia has been wanting to post something on Stanica for a while and we thought there would be nothing as good as catching up with the guys behind Žilina’s – and one of Slovakia’s – most innovative cultural projects. The … Continue reading

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Top Ten Quintessential Slovak Foods and Drinks

It’s been a long time in coming but here, after much consideration, is my top ten of quintissential Slovak foods/drinks. I use the word quintissential to convey unique or semi-unique to Slovakia culinary delights, so these are ranked with uniqueness as … Continue reading

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The Geographical Centre of Europe

The “roof of Europe” or the “extreme edge of Europe” might be more dramatic monikers. But Slovakia, without the Alps and without a sea coast, can nevertheless claim one of the continent’s geographical titles for itself: “centre of Europe” or “Stred … Continue reading

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Some of the Many, Many Reasons It’s Really Good No One Visits Me at My Office

It’s 9am. I’ve got up by this stage (I’m not sleeping so much recently) and got into work. My office is on the fourth floor of a 1960’s-era apartment in Rača (a very desirable location and quite the “up-and-coming” area … Continue reading

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Traja Mušketieri

It had been a long time in coming. Circumstances had thwarted us from visiting Traja Mušketieri, Bratislava’s medieval-themed Slovak restaurant, on many an occasion. Now we were to be thwarted no more… although its location, on one of the elegant old … Continue reading

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Pink Dreams

There’s a moment at the end of one of my favourite Slovak movies, Pink Dreams (or Ruzové Sny) which I really hope is prophetic. At the very least, it has not lost any of its relevance 37 years on and – … Continue reading

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Why Jana Kirschner is Great for Slovak Music

It’s OK. I’m not obsessed. I did make some comments about Jana Kirschner being Slovakia’s Kate Bush which are, admittedly, a little previous. But what is undeniable is that the lady is a cornerstone of Slovak music and, especially with … Continue reading

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