Guest Posts

We are often on the lookout for guest posts – especially at the moment! The essential requirement is that it’s a well-written travel/culture feature on Slovakia – in English. Writers, journalists and bloggers want to work with us because our site is synonymous with quality writing on travel and culture on this part of Europe. And we are delighted to work with them because we know that is the sure way for our site to continue to be so. The great thing about creating this site has been discovering just how many people do have something of interest and importance to say about Slovakia: we’ve already been honoured with guest articles from the author of riveting new Czech-Slovak thriller Escape to Perdition, from the writer of 2015’s best-selling travel book on Amazon, from a University of Vermont lecturer, and from one of Slovakia’s most renowned birdwatchers – and featured interviews with its leading adventure tourism outfits and arts venues. And we don’t want to stop there.

Right now we’re specifically looking for posts on the east of Slovakia. We don’t have a policy of payment for pieces just yet – although for quality writing on aspects of Slovakia (or its culture) not yet featured on the site, we are open to discussion on this subject. So if you’ve got something to say about Slovakia (in English) we want to hear from you!! Please Contact Us for more.

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