Nové Mesto/Ružinov Area

Well you may well think that outside of the pretty Old Town there would be nothing worth seeing. Of course, you’re wrong, because otherwise I wouldn’t have dedicated this part of the site to it – and indeed, fanning out northeast towards the suburb of Rača, and eastwards passed the airport, the respective neighbourhoods of Nové Mesto and Ružinov have some stuff worth seeing. Want to go to the beach? This, in landlocked Slovakia, is possible, by taking a tram out to the watersport-rich lake of Zlaté Piesky. More waterside fun awaits just southeast along the north bank of the Danube by Podunajské Biskupice: wonderful woodsy cycling trails, for example. Meanwhile, the wave of cool new restaurants and going-out spots spreads slowly east from the Old Town towards Ružinov – which is where you’ll most likely be coming to catch an ice hockey match or do big business in one of those fancy new offices. Big and modern and in-your-face gritty everyday Bratislava this area certainly is – but a few gems do sparkle within…

For your information…

This region approximately covers anything within Bratislava that’s east or south-east of our Places to Go/Bratislava/The Old Town sub-chapter. If you carry on heading out of the city southeast from here, you’ll soon hit our Places to Go/Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter.

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