Next Trips…

Cacao judging competition, Ecuador

Cacao judging competition, Ecuador

RECENTLY: Cuba Circum-navigating everywhere in Western Cuba, with particularly long stays in the Vinales area and Varadero. Istanbul Seeking legendary coffee and tea houses, baclava, kebabs and the kumpir! (oh, and cemeteries). Peru’s Andes and Amazon Pretty much everywhere: hunting out the remote Inca ruins, and forging down jungle tributaries. Denmark Exploring the delights of sandy, artsy little Fano.

IN-BETWEEN TIMES: Exploring Slovakia – where else? (!) – or slurping coffee somewhere in Bratislava, travel- or fiction-writing

FORTHCOMING: Scotland three weeks walking Britain’s toughest walk, the Cape Wrath Trail, in the wild north-west, followed by a trip to Islay on the hunt for the best whisky. Tenerife with the British Guild of Travel Writers (my first-ever experience of a holiday resort, which I’m treating with trepidation!). The ‘Stans Yes, Kazakh-, Tajiki-, Kyrgy- – details soon!

PLEASE GET IN TOUCH if you want more on-the-ground information on these countries – enquiries from fellow travellers and about potential commissions welcomed – and REST ASSURED:  even on the road, this blog will be updated as usual!

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