Bristol-Bratislava Ryanair Flights Cancelled

I’m putting a quick a quick post here to let anyone who is interested know that, not for the first time, Ryanair has cancelled its Bristol to Bratislava route. They were operating it until last autumn fine but have, apparently without telling anyone, cancelled it again as of 2014. I found this out this morning after a somewhat enigmatic (on their part) Twitter exchange. It was not a popular route apparently.

For anyone who wants to get from Southwest England to Bratislava now, there are several (significantly more round-about) methods:

– 1: Travel the extra two hours to Birmingham (three by public transport) from where there are thrice-weekly Ryanair flights to Bratislava (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). The London Airports will add an extra three/four hours onto your journey depending on whether you’re travelling to the airport by car/public transport.

– 2: Fly from Bristol to Budapest with the twice-weekly Ryanair Flight. Get taxi (30 minutes) or public transport (1 hour) to Budapest Keleti Station, then a train (2.5 hours) to Bratislava.  This will add an extra three/4.5 hours to your journey depending on whether you’ll travel by car from Budapest or go on to Bratislava by public transport.

– 3: If money is no object fly from Exeter to Vienna with Flybe and get the connecting Vienna Airport to Bratislava bus. No extra travelling time really, just about £300 more expensive for a round trip.

Updated April 24 2014

So by my calculations, the least inconvenience cause by this route cancellation is two hours extra travel time.

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