High Tatras Mountain Houses

When you’re up in the Tatras, chances are you’ll be enjoying it so much you’ll want to stay over up in the mountains themselves rather than coming down even as far as the three big resorts (Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec, Štrbské Pleso, to detail them from east to west) on the lower slopes. Fortunately, that’s totally possible. There is a great network of either horský hotels (mountain hotels) or chalets known as chaty (singular chata) right up in the wilds, just perfect for basing yourself right at the beginning of your outdoor adventure (whether that’s a hike, a climb or a cross-country ski). The mountain hotels generally have slightly better facilities but, hotel or chata, accommodation is decent and food is available. Most accommodation comes at extremely bargains prices, too!

Englishmaninslovakia has tested a fair few of these mountain houses out, and here are the best of them, complete with detailed location descriptions at the bottom of the reviews (as well, of course, as the usual review details like prices and booking info).

Hint: you need to go to the Places to Stay drop down menu, then go to Tatras/High Tatras Mountain Houses to click on each individually. 

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