Summer ’15

The immigration issue hots up – as elsewhere in Europe. Slovaks continue to fail to see any parallel whatsoever between them wanting to go and live in, say, the UK for a better life, and Africans wanting to come to live in Slovakia for a better life. The former is fine, apparently – the latter unacceptable. After the unprecedented numbers of immigrants arriving on the coasts of Greece and Italy prompts a Europe-wide call for countries to help bear the burden, Slovakia (like the UK) of course steadfastly refuses (although its immigration centres built especially for the purpose are virtually empty) – and then in a U-turn agrees to “help” Austria with the immigrants Austria has. Gabčíkovo, the village chosen to accommodate these immigrants, votes overwhelmingly in a referendum NOT to accommodate them, somewhat pointlessly as the government has already made its decision. In other news, Slovakia’s most dangerous mafia boss is released after serving a fraction of his sentence.

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