Why Englishmaninslovakia?

If the About section didn’t explain this enough, the reason is twofold: I live in Slovakia & want to see more quality English-language info out there on how to experience Slovakia.

Is there any more to it than that?

Actually, yes. This blog is, I’ll admit it, kind of like a cathartic diary for me of sorts of everything I’ve done or am doing in Slovakia. A record in blog-posts, if you like. This is good for you, dear reader, because this means it’s not just generic web-researched bullshit you’re reading but genuine recommendations of cool things to do that I have personally experienced. Which, believe it or not, actually already puts this blog above an awful lot of the other Slovakian travel info out there.

So there’s really no one bribing you into writing this blog?

No one. I’m writing what I want to write about Slovakia. Of course, I do want more people to visit this country – because I genuinely believe they’ll be missing out if they don’t. But beyond that there’s no ulterior motive. I’m not going to say something’s good just for the sake of it and if I think something’s shit, I’ll say that too.

Hit me with Slovakia’s USP’s?

Hit you? I’ll gently provide you with them. Here they are, in a kind of order that my Top Ten of Slovakia section will elaborate on: 1: Mountains – Some of Europe’s least-explored. 2: Forests – Over 40% of Slovakia is forest. 3: Folklore – Slovakia’s preserved it better than nearly everywhere else in Europe. 4: Castles – Welcome to Europe’s mostly densely-castellated nation (well, vying for top place along with the Czech Republic). 5: Unesco Sites – Those gorgeously preserved medieval towns. Those cool caves. Those ancient beech forests… just some of what, for such a diminutive nation, is an incredible depth of Unesco-listed attractions. 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10: No one else is coming here – Seriously: not really. 11: If you don’t believe these first ten and think Slovakia really isn’t for you, Vienna’s an hour away, Budapest’s 2.5 hours away and Prague’s only four hours away.

Why haven’t you written anything about Bratislava Castle, the UFO or Jasná Ski Resort Yet?

Englishmaninslovakia doesn’t really believe these places need any further publicity, so as a rule we prefer to focus on the quirky things you didn’t know about the country, or that you can’t just Google elsewhere. Probably, however, as time goes by they’ll get a few mentions.

How long do I need to see Slovakia?

That’s a very open-ended question. I’ve been here years altogether and I’m still discovering just how much I don’t know.

If you’ve only got a day before your train/flight, you can do a fair amount of cool stuff in Bratislava (or Košice, if you’re there).

Two days in Bratislava: a day for the centre and a day for an out-of-town trip (see the Bratislava and Around and Western Slovakia sections for more).

A week? Add on 3 days in nature (maybe two in the High Tatras and one in Slovensky Raj) plus a couple of days in Košice and the East (give Košice a day then go out to one of the East’s charming medieval towns or go see some of the amazing caves.

We now publish a series of weekend break and week-long guides to different destinations in Slovakia to help you plan your trip to a specific area more.

I can’t find what I want on this site?

Have you tried all the methods? If what you want is not on one of the main section drop-down menus, you can search in the “what do you want to search for in Slovakia?” box. OR you can click on the relevant category in the categories section, which will bring up all I’ve written on a particular topic. OR you can search on the homepage for our most recent posts, which you’ll notice are tagged. A tag acts as a more niche, interest-specific version of a category: click on any tag to, once more, bring up the posts relevant to it. OR you can go to our all-new “How to Use This Site” section below.

No, really, I can’t find what I’m searching for?

OK, so contact me and I’ll try and help. If I can’t, I’ll put you in touch with someone who can. There’s details on how to contact me under the “contact” section.

Why doesn’t your blog look cooler?

What are you talking about, Englishmaninslovakia.com is cool! If you’re personally offering to revamp my site with sexy things like flash, I’d welcome it… and your next meal out in Slovakia is on me!

Can I contribute to this blog?

Of course, Englishmaninslovakia.com welcomes contributions. If you want to put up your own travel piece about Slovakia here, words or pictures, please get in touch. It must not be defamatory, racist, sexist or agist. It must also be written in English, and written well. Preference will be given to anything unusual, quirky or little-known about.  Oh, and please don’t just copy and paste from Wikipedia.

I want More of Englishmaninslovakia, but you don’t post a new article every day. How can I get MORE?

I am on Twitter @BritInSlovakia. Follow me and we can “interact”. Plus there’s always good old-fashioned email. And if you are in Slovakia, do drop me a line. If I’m not busy I’ll show you a good place for a beer. Or slivovica. Or wine. Or coffee, if you think an alcoholic drink might be too much too soon!

Is it cool being a travel writer?


Is it well-paid being a travel writer?


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