How To Use This Site

Here, we’ve produced this handy how-to guide for the site, detailing how to get the maximum from the information that’s up on about Slovakia.

Firstly and foremostly, you can see here all the ways to search for the multitude of info on Slovakia that we have here.

Secondly, we take you through each different section of the site (left to right and top to bottom on the drop-down menus) telling you what you can expect to find there and how to use the info that you do find.

1: How to Search for What You Want to Find Out About Slovakia

a): Use the two rows of main drop-down menus across the top of the site. All aspects of travel and culture in Slovakia are divided between these sections, all of which have drop-down menus divided into chapters and – if there’s a little arrow on the right-hand side of the chapter heading, sub-chapters, which appear to the right of these arrows. All the best articles are divided between these sections, chapters and sub-chapters.

b): Use the Categories drop-down menu in the right-hand sidebar. This is slightly more specific information: “Accommodation”, for example, is divided into “Hostels and Campsites”, “Accommodation in the Wilderness”, “Guesthouses” and “Hotels”. Clicking on a category will bring up all the articles we’ve written on that subject.

c): Use the “What do you want to search for in Slovakia?” search box in the top right above the “On Camera This Week” pic. Have a play around with it, enter a few different things and see what articles your search yields! Generally, if it’s a Slovak word with accents, please write it accent-less to ensure it brings up the most accurate articles for your search.

d): Use the tags function. On the Home Page will be a list of the latest posts, in chronological order, with the most recent first. At the bottom of each post are a list of  tags and clicking on one will bring up all the articles we’ve written related to that tag.  This is a more niche search than the Categories drop-down menu, because tags, as you’ll notice, are things such as “Bratislava Cafes” or “Slovakia Caves”. We recently overhauled Englishmaninslovakia’s tagability so this can now be a very useful and precise search tool.

2: Englishmaninslovakia’s Fool-Proof Guide to the Different Sections of This Site, What You Can Expect There and How to Use What You Find…

REMEMBER that it’s by clicking on the articles, features, photo stories and videos on the drop-down menus that gets you the most up-to-date content we have on a particular topic!

a) Home Page – Clicking this at any time will return you to the list of our latest entries, in chronological order, starting with the most recent. If you’re wanting to search for information through our tags function, scroll down the homepage to find – underneath each post – a list of tags. The Home Page will display roughly the last ten posts we’ve put up, which will take you back around a month or two – after that you’ll have to click “Older Posts” for more.

b) About section: After reading each of the five chapters in this section you should really have a lucidly clear understanding of what this site is and how to use it. If not, we’re doing something wrong.

i – Overview: The Overview of our About section was our very first page on Englishmaninslovakia, way back in the hazy days of 2012. So we’re attached to it, naturally. It explains why this blog began. It’s the only page on this site that has never been altered – because some things should remain pure.

ii – Me: Well, this is the closest I’ve ever really come to making a cv or résumé. I think it’s nice for readers of the site to know a little bit about the writer – so this is that little bit.

iii – Our Guarantee: Our mission statement, and the type of content you can expect on the site…

iv – FAQ: Here we answer some of the questions we get asked a lot…

v – How to Use This Site: That’s this chapter, right here.

vi – Next Trips… Where we’re travelling next, whether that’s for work or pleasure. It’s good because you can ask in advance if you need to know something about where we’ll be going. Whilst this is a 95% dedicated Slovak travel and culture site, I’m also a specialist on Cuba and Latin America, travel there lots and, yes, if I can will answer your questions on those regions too.

c) Events section: Here we post everything we can (but of course, not everything) on upcoming events. We endeavour to include as much info as we can here, but, as many of these events are in the future at the time of posting, we will not have been to them all yet.  Events are only displayed here whilst they are happening, or when they are regular fixtures in the cultural calendar that readers will wish to peruse at other times of the year too. Events ALWAYS appear with the next event chronologically appearing first. If you want to search for an event that’s already happened, you can: use the “What do you want to search for in Slovakia?” search box or use the tags function as described in 1c and 1d.

d) Places to Go section: Here we publish content about different destinations in Slovakia – walks, castles, museums, the lot (focussing on off-the-beaten-track places, of course). There’s an Overview and then, on the drop-down menu, a chapter devoted to each of the different regions making up Slovakia on this blog: Bratislava & Around, Western Slovakia, Central/South Slovakia, Malá Fatra/Vel’ka Fatra, High Tatras and Košice & the East. As lots of our articles are on hiking, we’ve created a special hiking chapter as the final one on the drop-down menu here, taking you straight to those hikes!

Each of the regional chapters detail the region’s highlights (key places are bolded) and tell you which sections to go to geographically once you’re done with the one you’re in (links provided). There are no links to individual posts from the regional intro pages: for those you’ll have to the follow the arrows to the right, which lead you to any sub-chapters there might be and then to the individual articles.

Each of our articles in this section have the following (BOLDED, CAPITALISED) info at the end: firstly, a Map Link, secondly, Getting There with information on how to get there by driving or by public transport, and to finish with, a Next on the Journey link to another post on a nearby destination – especially designed to help you explore Slovakia on this site!

Between Getting There and Next on the Journey there will also be, if relevant, Contact information, Admission prices and Opening Hours (the latter three if it’s an attraction that has those) and, if relevant, any other categories pertinent to a particular place (a town website, for example, or a useful tip).

e) Places to Stay section: This is the section of the site you should come to for articles specifically focussing on accommodation, which in Slovakia falls (generally) into one of five categories. First of all are campsites (there are several in beautiful locations here), second are backpacker hostels (in their infancy and mostly divided between Bratislava, the High Tatras and Košice, but growing in number as proprietors work out catering to Europe-in-a-month 20-something backpackers can be lucrative), third are chaty or wilderness huts/houses (the most important category of cheap accommodation, and usually in the most enviably scenic places in the country), fourth are the large number of penzions (aka the guesthouse-bed-and-breakfast hybrid, which fill up the middle of the price range and vary in quality from almost as basic as chaty to virtual boutique hotels) and fifth are hotels. Hotels vary in quality from no better than an average penzion to ultra-high-end, and the modern upper-end places are what the Slovak tourist board is making a big push to promote right now. Hotels can be subdivided into wellness/spa hotels (very popular in a country with so many natural spas, and generally one of the best categories of hotels in Slovakia), historic hotels (these have their own special association, and number about 15 across the country) boutique hotels (there are several now in Bratislava, Košice and Žilina – a growing breed, let’s say, and already with some impressive results) and normal hotels (which don’t fall into any of the above categories). ALL OF THESE TYPES OF HOTELS FEATURE ON THE SITE.

Our Places to Stay section does not focus on top-end. It focuses on unusual non-chain places to stay which genuinely offer something different – a quintessential Slovak experience, let’s say. As we do not charge any establishment for appearing on our site as a feature, there is no other motivation behind the selection of the Places to Stay we feature other than that we think that staying here will enrich your experience of Slovakia. Our reviews are not standard reviews, either. They weave in the character of the place, they weave in the stories of the place: because we’ll have stayed in all of them or spent large amounts of time hanging out in them.

Each of our articles in this section have the following (BOLDED, CAPITALISED) info at the end: a Map Link, a Price and a Book the… direct reservations link.

Places to Eat/Drink section:


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