Central/South Slovakia

Approach to Banská Štiavnica's Kalvaria ©englishmaninslovakia.com

Approach to Banská Štiavnica’s Kalvaria ©englishmaninslovakia.com

It’s not the most popular area of the country to visit. But with drop-dead gorgeous ancient mining towns like Banská Štiavnica (also a happening cultural spot with lots of live music and nightlife) and Kremnica, some almost untrammelled forested mountains and some of Slovakia’s hottest museums this region, characterised by Slovakia’s most extensive mountain range, the Slovak Ore Mountains, is one not to be missed! Then there’s the regional capital Banská Bystrica, a place few people like to talk about since they recently elected a Fascist mayor, but a smart fascinating city nevertheless with the pick of the afore-mentioned museums – indeed, what many describe as the nation’s very best…

GETTING IN HERE… This is currently the largest region geographically on Englishmaninslovakia.com. You’ll likely approach from Places To Go/Western Slovakia/The South-Eastern Part.

GETTING OUT OF HERE… Head north from Banska Bystrica or Kremnica and you’ll be in our Places To Go/Mala Fatra/Vel’ky Fatra chapter. Keep heading east and after a few hours’ drive you’ll arrive in our Places To Go/Košice & the East chapter.

ALSO IN THIS REGION… Stay in this chapter for unusual places to go in Central/Southern Slovakia BUT don’t forget our Central/South Slovakia Places to Stay and Central/South Slovakia Places to Eat/Drink chapters!

Have a look at our Regions of Slovakia map to picture it all better…

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