Meštiansky Pivovar's ground floor bar  ©

Meštiansky Pivovar’s ground floor bar ©

Beer: quality craft beer. Wine: elegant bars which showcase Slovakia’s wine output as well as the best of Europe’s. Whisky: a growing trend amongst conoisseuring Slovaks. Follow what your palate is telling you and head to the bar that gives you what you want with a little help from our bars section which also, as a concession to Slovak culture, will also feature the odd krčma, if they’re friendly to outsiders! (By the way, bars as in primarily drinking establishments are listed here – if the bar does something extra, i.e. it’s a go-to venue for live music, scroll your merry way across to our Other Fun (Shopping/Sport/Nights Out) section. 

And of course, if you just want any old place to drink with other tourists (fair enough) cruise on down through the city’s Michael’s Gate to a whole Old Town street or two full of such bars…

Na Zdravie! 

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