Trnava Area

Near Trnava  ©

Near Trnava ©

These are the flat lands of our Western Slovakia/The Middle sub-chapter: the hills are claimed by the other regions. But we don’t want you to overlook this predominantly agricultural area. The highlight of the countryside here is perhaps the vast reservoir of Kral’ova – an eye-opener as you drive on the main E58 road to/from Nitra. But the main town of Trnava here is a beautiful little place: old town walls still in tact, a hotchpotch of famous churches that sometimes also open their crypts to visitors-who-dare-to-descend and a few great places to eat. The other major town in this area is Hlohovec. 

Chances are you’ll arrive here from our Western Slovakia/The Middle/Modra/Pezinok Area sub-chapter (to Trnava, via the main E58 and Highway 61 roads). The other main ways on from here lead east into our Western Slovakia/The Middle/The South-Eastern Part sub-chapter and north (again via the E58) into our Western Slovakia/The Middle/Piešťany Area sub-chapter. 


Wine-Tasting in Trnava

Cafe Thalmeiner: A Touch of 1920s Paris in Trnava 

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