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The People you are Walking Passed are NOT the People you are Used to Walking Passed

Now you realise it. That airport, that pleasantly bland business hotel, that centrally located restaurant with Depeche Mode on repeat, they were homogenous enough – they could have been, if you focussed your gaze just on them, plucked from more … Continue reading

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Today, November 1st, is All Saint’s Day. This is usually known colloquially as Dušičky in Slovakia and it is one of the most poignant occasions in the calendar year. “Occasion” is less the word than “honouring”.  For all of yesterday, … Continue reading

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Relaxation – isn’t it wonderful? The old, fat sun-bronzed man in the very tight swimming trunks comes up to where I’m lounging in the Piešt’any spa – with that sort of belly-flop/breast stroke that only old, fat, sun-bronzed men can … Continue reading

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Our Centenary Post: (Poetical) Thoughts on Slovakia, 2000 to the Present

We all spend a lot of time on the outside looking in. Little by little, Englishmaninslovakia is getting to know what it’s like to be on the inside of Slovakia looking out. And for a foreigner, that’s no easy task. … Continue reading

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The Alternative to Ryanair

It’s about 1am in the draughty terminal at Luton Airport. They call it London Luton even though it’s over an hour away via a dirty train journey, of which the best thing that can be said of it is that … Continue reading

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Word Limitations and Destinations

Me on the trail to Chata Pod Chlebom in Mala Fatra National Park this April… I’m a writer. I write a lot, and somehow even manage to make a living from doing so. A not insignificant part of this writing … Continue reading

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The Englishman Moves to Slovakia…

Slurping a fruity Zlaty Bazant over a plate of šulance (sweet dumplings festooned with poppy seeds and generously dowsed in a buttery, sugary sauce) the other day in a convivial bar in Rača, the area of Bratislava that I have just … Continue reading

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