Who Is The Englishman in Slovakia?

´Katka mobil 664I realised me and a normal office job were not compatible pretty early on. After a year traveling the Americas overland from Canada to Tierra del Fuego I started writing about my travels, first for local UK newspapers like the Western Gazette and the Orkney Today. Since 2008 I’ve been writing for leading travel publisher Lonely Planet, specialising in Latin America and Slovakia, where I live!! I have also written for publications including the BBC, the Telegraph, the Independent and the Guardian (UK), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), in-flight magazines like Easyjet Traveller and Volaris (in English and in Spanish) and more recently smartphone apps including travel app TRVL for iPad. That’s in addition to single-handedly authoring or contributing to travel books for Insight Guides, Rough Guides and Avalon Travel Publishing. As well as a travel writer, I’m also a novelist – and my debut, Roebuck – Tales of an Admirable Adventurer is published by Urbane Publications in December 2015.

I’ve now written or contributed to over 30 travel guidebooks and travel reference books, covering everywhere from Mexico and Cuba to Peru in Latin America, as well as the UK and Slovakia. Right now, Slovakia gets little publicity as a tourist destination and I am trying in my own small way to change that. Because it is a beautiful country. Its mountains and its forests and many of its ancient towns and villages have little equal in Europe, and it is very much deserving of your time.

I go on about me here, but this site is also about “we”. I may have researched and written most of what you’ll see here. But “we” includes all the people that have helped build the site with me – the Slovaks who have supplied some priceless information for the content, the people who have written our guest posts, everyone who has promoted the site on social media and each person who has read a little of the content that we’ve written on here. Everyone, in short, who appreciates Slovakia and knows (or desires to know) what it has to offer.


14 Responses to Who Is The Englishman in Slovakia?

  1. Filip says:

    Why did you decide to live in small unknown country like slovakia?

    • lwaterson says:

      I guess the honest answer is that my girlfriend is from here 🙂 But it’s also true that I had come here before, several times, and liked it a lot. I know lots of Slovaks don’t agree with me here, but I think there’s a lot of good things about Slovakia – especially the beautiful nature… I like hiking a lot, so for me it’s a very interesting place to live. Learning Slovak is not easy though!

  2. Ruby E says:

    Hi! found your blog on Twitter. My boyfriend is a Slovak, but we live in the USA.
    It’s my first time to see Slovakia next month and he really really says it’s beautiful and very underrated! Can’t wait to see it for myself, I’ve seen some photos from him and they look lovely. Hitting Bratislava, Martin, and Prievidza – one thing I can’t stand though – how they spell and pronounce things! So bloody hard! Are you learning Slovak too?

  3. Ruby E says:

    Hi! Found your site from Lonely Planet. My boyfriend is from Slovakia, and it’s my first time to go next month – can’t wait to see it! We’re hitting a few towns, and my bf says its very green and beautiful (although underrated) 🙂 Are you learning Slovak too?

    • lwaterson says:

      Hello Ruby – thank you for checking out the site. It’s a work in progress but I hope you find something useful on there. Am sure your boyfriend will take you to some great spots! I will be interested to hear how you find Slovakia. I try to be truthful on here – this is a country of great nature but not blockbuster city attractions like in Vienna or Paris. Small serendipitous things, let’s say! But mainly great countryside. Yes, I am learning Slovak, I can speak it now well enough to do all the basics but not have in-depth conversations. But you’re right – it’s a tough language! Learn even a few words, though, and Slovaks will be impressed!

  4. mark says:

    Great post, I really enjoyed your story.
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time.

  5. Nia Young says:


    I am working on the development of a new television series which will flip the journey of immigrants coming to Britain. We aim to follow the adventures of a group of Brits who are heading to Eastern Europe with hopes of making their fortune.

    We are looking to find individuals who are re-locating their business to Eastern Europe or who are hoping to start a new venture out there. They may just be considering it at the moment or going full throttle and on their way to launching: We are looking for different businesses from tech start-ups, restaurateurs, property investors or someone who dreams of opening a nail salon!

    I came across your website and was wondering whether you may be able to help me in anyway? I am looking to speak with people who are looking to re-locate to Slovakia and was wondering whether anyone gets in touch with you to ask your advice.

    It would be great to have the opportunity to speak with you.

    Many Thanks,


    • Ben says:

      That sounds very good, Nia. If I can be of any help let me know. I’m currently living in Slovakia, but from Essex. I just became self employed here and have recently bought a flat and have gone through all of the usual problems associated with moving over here.

      • lwaterson says:

        Hi there Ben, I would be honoured if you would be prepared to write about some of those issues for the site. The aim is to make this a resource for those who live in the country as well as those visiting it. So for sure the experiences you’ve had would be invaluable for others. Let me know if you’re game. Luke.

  6. Ben says:

    Yes I would be happy to help as much as I can! I’m not sure if it would be a definitive guide as the estate agent helped out a lot, but it could help some people. Drop me an email and we can have a chat!

  7. Simon Chalk says:

    Hi Luke,

    My name is Simon Chalk and I am the new Chief Conductor of the SKO (Slovak Sinfonietta), which is based in Zilina. I was given your name by Barbora Posluch at the Slovak Embassy in London as someone I should look up.

    We have our opening concert for the 2015/15 season next week and I would very much like to invite you to attend if you can. You will see from my website that I will be a ‘Welshman’ in Slovakia so it would wonderful to start a correspondence. My email address is listed above so please feel free to get in contact as and when.



  8. mike davies says:

    Si, sit Mae butt! you are not the only Taff in Slovakia, I am also from gods country and have been here for ten years now. Fabulous country, great people!

    Luke, drop me a line sometime, we have much to discuss.


  9. Mike Davies says:

    Is this still running?
    Been trying to get in touch for a while now.


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