International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits

Yeah. Not to mention ghouls and a whole phantasmagoria of other scary supernatural beings. It’s one of Slovakia’s more bizarre (and at the same time, well known) events and this year it’s happening over three weekends from late April to mid-May: Thursday 30th April-Saturday 2nd May; Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th May and Friday 15th  to Sunday 17th May. Whilst there are none too many annual get-togethers which claim to be international conventions of the spirit world, it’s the location which makes this one of Slovakia’s coolest festivals: it’s held in the grounds of Bojnice Castle. Bojnice Castle is a place we keep meaning to get around to writing about on here yet haven’t yet (it’s Slovakia’s most-visited castle – a furnished still in-tact chateau in our Western Slovakia/The Middle section) but the castle does have a decent in-English website which suffices for information.

What does this extravaganza involve? Alien invasions. Vampire shows. Serial hauntings. Tragic tales. Ghoulish fancy dress. Anything vaguely Gothic and monstrous, really…


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