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27 Responses to Contact

  1. Erik Sevcik says:

    Hi Luke, i am sure that you have many pics from your visit of Slovakia but if you want i can pass you some more pics from historical sites, mountains, activities …atc. ERIK

  2. lwaterson says:

    Erik Hi and thanks for the message. I am back in Bratislava next week – let’s talk then.



  3. Michael says:

    Hello Luke,

    I recently discovered your englishmaninslovakia site, and really enjoy reading through the content. It’s great to see someone writing about Slovakia who seems to truly respect the unique culture of that beautiful country! I am an American currently living in the state of Vermont, but I lived in Slovakia on three different occasions between the years of 2000-2006.

    I first lived in the small town of Myjava (in Trencin region) for two years, 2000-2002, teaching English at a primary school. (note: If you enjoy excellent homemade slivovica as much as I do, I’d highly recommend a visit to Myjava, and/or the surrounding countryside. Stefanik’s birthplace, the village of Kosariska is also located in that area). I then lived in Trencin (still one of my favorite places in Slovakia) during 2003-2004, again teaching English. Finally, I lived in the Ruzinov area of Bratislava for about six months during 2005-2006.

    Not a day goes by for me without missing Slovakia… the people, culture, traditions, history, natural beauty, etc… which is one of the many reasons I enjoy reading what you’ve been writing about Slovakia. It helps calm (but also fuel, I must say!) my nostalgia. If I could return tomorrow, I would. In my eyes, my bags are already packed!

    I look forward to your reply.

    S pozdravom,


  4. Suzanne says:

    Hi Luke,
    Just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it so far (so much more to read and enjoy!). So nice to see another Brit/English person doing as we have done a year ago. So many locals don’t understand why we have come this way when so many people go the other way, I was beginning to doubt myself. Your blog is helping me note more reasons why we bought a house at the foot of the small Carpathians.
    If you know of any local websites for groups doing outdoor activities (cycling, walking, mushrooming or anything really) I would be so grateful if you could share them. Our social life with locals is the bit that is most difficult in a new place/language.
    Best wishes,

    • lwaterson says:

      Hello Suzanne,

      Whereabouts are you living? Would be great to meet when I am back in Slovakia after next week (as, yes, the English that move to Slovakia are indeed a minority) – I’ll certainly email you with details for outdoor activities… mushrooming? There’s a great Chinese lady living in Bratislava who knows more about mushrooming than anyone else I know (although my girlfriend’s parents come a close 2nd) As for outdoor activities there are too many to name here but I’ll certainly email you a few suggestions (but let me know where you are based so I can respond accordingly). Learning Slovak is a challenge, I know – but when you try I find locals really appreciate…. but thank you for the kind words about my blog (being in Amazon right now only reason the posts have dropped off a little) and please share with anyone else you know – getting as many people informed about the beauty of Slovakia is the aim!!!


  5. John Crowder says:

    Brilliant site, filled a lot of blanks for my trip to Bratislava this weekend.


  6. Hi Luke,
    As usual, your blog continues to intrigue us, as we like places that are more than a little off the well-beaten path. Maybe this will be the year to leave our little Mexican beach town during the heat of summer and head to Bratislava.

    Here’s our latest blog of a recent trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon – not far from here and a place you know well:

    Best from Bahia de Kino, MX,
    Perry R Wilkes
    Casa Tortuga

  7. It’s good to know there’s another Englishman who enjoys being here. Perhaps we’ll meet at some point –

    • lwaterson says:

      Ditto! I just left a comment on your blog actually. Our plan is in fact still more similar to yours – to achieve the means to live in the Slovak countryside miles from anywhere.

  8. alex says:

    Hello EinSk,

    Enjoyed reading your blog – I only happened across it when I was googling ‘international removals’ . I moved to Slovakia in 2007 (from Sheffield) and lived there until 2011, in Levice – not the most glamorous place in Slovakia, but central enough to visit almost all the places I was told to go to. I taught in a Zakladna Skola and played in a band (I am a pianist by trade). I then met a Slovenka, we now have three children, we moved back to the UK for a while but we’re now moving back to a village near ZM (we have a house there). I wish I’d done a blog like yours, detailing my experiences etc…from the grape-picking to zabijacka, Sl Raj etc…but it wouldn’t have been half as good as yours, fact!

    Just wanted to let you know, we haven’t got much to move since we have a fully-equipped house in Sk, but there are a few light bits so I contacted Greens after reading your ‘recommendation’ (I know you qualified it) and they gave me a bonkers price – really high, nearly 2k. Would be half the price to hire a van and drive there myself (and back). A shame really. Do you have any other removal contacts?



    • lwaterson says:

      Hi there Alex,

      Thanks for your message. Interesting life you seem to have! Regarding your moving problem – it’s difficult, surprisingly, since many removal companies don’t include Slovakia on their so-called Europe wide delivery network. And when they do, they use offshoot local companies to make the delivery which may not be as efficient as the carrier your paying seems to be. For me, it was my first experience of an international removal. I think I paid in the region of £800 all told for Greens to deliver approximately 20 boxes and a bicycle. How light is your load in comparison? (I wouldn’t think much more). Maybe the extra cost is because of going up to Sheffield first (Greens are Essex based) so scout around for a local carrier maybe best. My advice would be that if Greens are really quoting you so much (although they work in categories; reduce the load by a couple of boxes and maybe you’ll come down a price bracket). I scouted around 10 Essex based companies and these were only ones that did regular deliveries, and for under £1000. Although I wouldn’t think you should ever have to pay more from the UK for a load of the size I had. Driving your own van: problem is you have to return the hire van, making costs including petrol at least equal if not more than some of the delivery companies (I worked out driving straight with no stops from Essex with a hire van, you’d really need a 3-4 day hire, and thus costs were similar. Good luck!

  9. alex says:

    Don’t know why that final paragraph begins ‘Just wanted to let you know’, I meant to write ‘Just wanted to ask you…’ It sounds really arrogant doesn’t it – could you change it if you post the comment? Children up most of the night and no sleep = very tired when typing!!

  10. alex says:

    No no, it was very helpful, knowing exactly how much you packed and at what price. I am aware that I’d have to drive the van back, but was wondering about offering to carry and drop off stuff in England via the contacts I have – after all, plenty of Slovaks here, esp in Sheffield. But even without, I reckoned fuel + hire+ boat at around a thousand, still £800 less than Green’s quote. I need to think about it. I’ll definitely get in touch when I’m there. Cau!

    • alex says:

      Hello again,

      So…in 2007 I used a company based in Nottingham and they did the job for £800 for 300 cubic feet (approx a Sprinter load…ish). This same company, and the other 3 I contacted, quoted no less than £1700 for the same load space this summer. How have prices more-that-doubled in this time? God knows. Outrageous.

      Anyway, I looked at it the other way – there’s plenty of Slovaks here, and they have their own delivery services, and i found several vans that regularly come here. I eventually got a quote for a full van-load – actually a bigger van than a Sprinter, so more than 340 cubic feet – with next-day delivery in Slovakia (yep, they just drive straight there) – for £1050 all in. And I’m taking a lot of stuff now I’ve found a good price and a big space.

      Maybe meet up in Aug / sept for a beer in BA? I’ll be living near ZM, but have occasion to be in the capital regularly.

      Nice blog!

  11. Hello, like several other people who have left comments, I came across your blog by accident, and am now trying to catch up on everything I have missed. By August this year there will be another English family living in Slovakia, and its fun planning the things we will do together! For the last five years we have been living in El Salvador, and my son has never seen snow (and has never experienced life without an armed escort!), but I’ve just landed a job in Dubravka so it will be all change soon.

    Maybe we’ll bump into each other sometime.

    Andy H

    • lwaterson says:

      Hi there Andy. Dubravka eh? Well, that will sure represent a significant change from El Salvador (I can say, having spent a few days in El Salvador about ten years ago 🙂 ) Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to our nearest (geographically) post to Dubravka – which also happens to be one of my favourite hikes around Bratislava, at Sandberg: – I hope you and your family enjoy Slovakia and sure – once you’re settled in, give me a shout and we can go grab a beer (or a coffee, if you don’t drink).


  12. Drew says:

    We love the great info, my wife and I are coming in May from Florida to my grandparents hometowns outside Poprad for a few days. So much to see and so little time, staying in Prague and Brastislava too. Really enjoy the insights into Slovakia and hope to have a great experience and vacation….keep up the good work!

  13. Hello. I just wanted to thank you for this website. It has been a great resource for trip planning.

  14. Hana says:

    Hi Luke,

    I recently came across your article on top ten slovak food/drinks while looking for something that would explain to my english friends what slovak food is like and what to look out for while there. I enjoyed reading it thouroughly and indeed you made me quite homesick (and hungry!). Somewhere on the website (i think it was the recipe for bryndzova natierka) you mentioned using cumin where slovaks would use kmin/rasca. This took me about a decade to work out (and many frustrating purchases of cumin) but I finally came to realise: Cumin is not kmin! Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense but they are not one and the same. English ‘cumin’ is in slovakia known as rimsky kmin (roman cumin). This is the stuff that is often used in middle eastern cusine. Slovak kmin or rasca = caraway seed. They look similar and taste like they are related but are not quite the same. As I said, I really enjoyed your writing and thought you might like to know this ‘pearl of wisdom’ of mine….

    Best wishes & enjoy living in Slovakia 🙂


  15. Thomas says:

    Just hiked the High Tatras trail as per your itinerary with a few frinds (and bottles). We had to do the two ‘wimp-out’ options you suggested, as the weather went bad, but better safe than sorry. Excellent advice, your tips were much appreciated, each and every one spot on!

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