Bratislava’s Majáles (30th April-4th May) & the “10 Years in the EU” Celebrations

Here’s a quick post to let you all know about quite a cool festival which starts – well – tonight in Bratislava.

The Majáles (May celebrations) happen every year but this time round they’re tied in with celebrating ten years of Slovakia being a member of the EU. There is going to be loads of live music performances starting with, tonight, the lovely Jana Kirschner – who has the most beautiful voice of any contemporary Slovak singer for me. Sorry – I’m excited – so she’s at 9pm tonight in Hlavné Námestie (and you can hear a sample of her music in the video above) – but there’s a four-day program of music in several venues around the Old Town.

Here’s the official website (in Slovak only I’m afraid) but the info section does have a map of the venues.

Tomorrow is going to be quite a big day at Majáles as it’s Labour Day (a public holiday) but the Saturday fireworks on the Danube also promise to be impressive.

It even seems the crazy cold April weather is finally coming to an end this morning in preparation for the festival!

AND if you feel like some more partying to celebrate Slovakia’s 10 years in the EU (!) (well it makes a change from England where our PM’s trying to get us out of it, right?) then there are also festivals going on in:

Banská Bystrica (7th May)

Košice (9th May)

Prešov (13th May)

Poprad (15th May)

Žilina (16th May)

Nitra (17th May)

Trenčin (19th May)

Komárno (20th May)

(Those last dates according to the Slovak Tourist Board)


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