Bratislava Easter Market

In the somewhat buoyant tradition of atmospheric markets in Bratislava, the Easter Market enlivens the city in much the same way as the Christmas one (although it’s not quite as well-known, which is why we’re giving it a little publicity here).

From 28th March through to 1st April in Frantiskanske námestie in the Old Town (MAP), and from around 10am to 6pm each day, you can snap up all the classic Slovak easter products, from the whips, or šibáky (with which men traditionally beat their womenfolk on Easter Monday) to the beautiful painted eggs (which women traditionally give their menfolk in return). There are also ceramics and other handicrafts available. It’s a once-in-a-year opportunity to get a good šibák willow whip (!), although the colourful eggs and traditional handicrafts can (if you miss the market) also usually be purchased in shops like Úl’uv year round.

We’re currently working on a post which delves into Slovak easter traditions in a little more detail, plus we’ll hopefully have pics of the Easter Market with which to entice you next week….


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